Sample Summary/Response Entry

Lili, Loofbourow. “Are Women People?.” The Hairpin. N.p., 19 Jan. 2012.
Web. 23 Jan. 2012. <;.

The article “Are Women People?” by Lil Loofbourow explains how the author was searching for something to read from Project Gutenberg. When coming across the book title “Are Women People?” with the only information about it being that it was written in 1915 by Alice Duer Miller, she assumed it was written by some anti-suffragist. After finding out some more information about the book and the time period, Loofbourow learned that she assumed wrong. The book actually contained a bunch of humorous, satirical poems that mocked anti-suffragists. This article then proceeds to give us a bunch of examples of these poems.

The poems provided in this article, which are all taken from the book “Are Women People?” are very funny, however this article was not very useful in any way. The author simply introduced the book to us and then shared some of it’s works. Even her title is the same as the book’s title. She did not offer much of her own input or an copious amount of background information. If someone is looking for some comical poems for feminists, this offers quite a few. However, one would probably just be better off reading the book itself rather than reading this article, considering this article only provided very little information about the book, and then simply quoted a few of the poems from the book. The book would offer much more content, and more background information could probably be found somewhere else on the internet. The poems were very enjoyable, but the credit would go to the author of the book, Alice Duer Miller, not the author of this article, Lil Loofbourow. Loofbourow makes a good point that one should not make assumptions about a book before knowing what it is about, however, she does not offer much more than that at all.


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