Bonds vs. America response

500 word response to how Klosterman approaches the topic of steroid use in a way that makes a boring and overdone topic into an interesting essay


While I appreciate Klosterman’s approach to the topic of streoid use, I must disagree and say I still found the topic boring and overdone.  Perhaps it is the simple fact that I am very uninterested in sports and completely indifferent towards any athletes, but I just did not find anything special about this article than I would find in any other article about the topic.  If I must find a way that Klosterman made this article interesting, I liked the way he began it with a question.  I think he did a good job of applying the topic to our own lives and showing us how this problem also affects us.  He spoke in a casual  manner, which made reading it easy to understand.  I still think the topic is just overdone, and while Klosterman does explain it differently, I do not see any way his article stands out from any other.  It provides background information about Bonds and about baseball history, but I am sure numerous other articles about this issue also address the same things.  I am not necessarily saying his article was useless; it was definitely informative, and I’m sure many people interested in this topic found this essay very interesting, however for someone who is uninterested in the subject matter, it seems like just another essay about streroid-use.  I will say I enjoy his metaphors, for example, “This statement makes him seem as paranoid as Richard Nixon.  How, one wonders, could unseen puppet masters be pulling the strings behind the home run race.”


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